Step 1

Choose currency and calculate price

You can buy OZ tokens using ETH, BTC, USDT or USD.

Step 2

Amount of contribute

Enter your amount, you would like to contribute and calculate the amount of token you will received. The calculator helps to convert required currency to tokens.

0.35 ETH minimum contribution require.
Bonus On Sale 20%
0.5 ETH 10%
1 ETH 30%
5 ETH 50%
10 ETH 70%
20 ETH 100%
+ 20% Sale Bonus 15,000.00
+ 30% Amount Bonus 5,000.00
Total OZ 1,823,500.84

Your Contribution will be calculated based on exchange rate at the moment your transaction is confirm.

Step 3

Make a payment

To get tokens please make a payment. You can send payment directly to our address or you may pay online. Once you paid, you will receive an email about the successfull deposit.

Tokens will appear in your account after payment successfully made and approved by our team.
Please note that, OZ tokens will distributed end of ICO Token Sales.